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Centre for Media, Training and Research (CMTR) aims to empower communities in Pakistan

Centre for Media, Training and Research

Centre for Media, Training and Research (CMTR) aims to empower communities in Pakistan in general and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular by connecting them with the services and effectively engaging them for greater participation in decision-making processes. CMTR achieves its objectives by supporting reforms in the field of media and communications and by improving processes that enable the service providers to respond more efficiently and accountably to the community needs. We also enable communities to have quality information on different services that matter them the most by supporting local and national media to develop quality content – besides working on local, national and international organizations’ development feedback mechanisms. We do this by providing the following services:

We Provide the Following


Media Support

The CMTR will provide media solutions to the local, national and international..


Research helps us to contribute to the existing knowledge. It explores the existing issues..

Organizing Trainings

We do capacity building of service delivery managers, media professionals..

Developing Communication Strategies

We endeavor to build all projects and systems..


CMTR supports and promotes researches on various aspects of media. It aims to empower the working journalists by designing, managing and conducting skill-enhancement training, and also by publishing training manuals and researches. It aspires to raise the journalism standards and practices in Pakistan through scientific research on different dimensions of media.


We are dedicated to promote a new vision of the 21st Century by improving the access to information and ability among individuals understand, analyze, evaluate and participate with researches that make up our contemporary mass media culture. We believe research is key in media literacy and deem it essential for both children and adults as individuals and as citizens of a democratic society.