The CMTR will provide media solutions to the local, national and international organizations

Media Support

The CMTR will provide media solutions to the local, national and international organizations in the development of media content, related to the different themes in Pakistan, to achieve the desired objectives in the desired target community. CMTR, in the context of media content production, offers the following services:

  • Radio Production and Content Development

CMTR offers services in the production of different radio contents. Our aim is to assist the local, national and international organizations, in the best possible way, by ensuring to produce the high quality audio programs, related to the different fields of life. We work on the following genres of the radio journalism.

1. Short Films and Soap Operas:

CMTR strongly believes that radio is still one of the best mediums of communication that reach most of the population – sitting even in far-flung rural areas. The radio programs, having the cover of entertainment, can help bring awareness among the desired community and other target groups. We are specialized in producing the short radio films and soap operas (3-5 minutes radio drams) related to the different themes of human life. The aim is to work on such films and dramas which can help the people in Pakistan in changing their attitude and behavior for the best. We believe that being in the age of information and globalization, still there is a dire need to make the right information and content available to the people to achieve the desired objectives through communication.

2. Documentary Production:

Documentary is considered on the finest genres of radio journalism. It is based on actualities and helps listeners understanding the different issues in much broader way. It requires extensive research on part of the team to look into the issue in meticulous way and come up with creative script and design to present it in engaging and pleasant way to the listeners. We, the CMTR team, are highly qualified in making the documentaries on different themes and subjects related to our everyday life like: health, education, culture, social life, sports, showbiz and personalities’ profile etc. The creative team of CMTR will help the local, national and international organizations in documenting any issue in the highest professional way.

3. Feature and Current Affairs Programs:

The aim of the feature and current affairs programs is to debate the current issue, prevailing in the country, by holding discussions with the relevant stakeholders. It helps people in knowing about the issue and making the opinion about it. Indeed, the selection of right stakeholder for the program matters, but it is equally important that it is conducted professionally. The CMTR has the capacity and manpower to arrange and conduct any such programs on behalf of its clients in the different walks of life.

  • Television Production and Content Development

1. Video Documentary Production:

Audio-Visual medium is another genre of communication, which helps people to understand things by both seeing, and listening to it. Researchers claim that audio-visual medium is more engaging and powerful, in terms of effects, due to the involvement of two senses there. Furthermore, it also demands fewer efforts on part of viewers to understand message. The CMTR is aware of the latest developments in the field of Mass Media and has reserved the specialized team in making the documentaries for the clients. We work on documentaries related to every field of life.

2. Talk Shows:

Television Talk Shows are considered one of the important genres of modern Journalism. It has the ability to debate any current issue in detail from the different perspectives to form the informed public opinion. CMTR has the specialized team in arranging and conducting the Talk Shows on part of clients. We are in touch with the different experts; and also have the list of them (experts) whom we think can contribute to the different topics related to the different issues.

  • Print Content Development

1. Magazine Publication:

Print Magazine is another important genre of Journalism which helps the readers to have the highlights of all the important events of the week, month or so. The CMTR is specialized in gathering, sorting, editing and proofreading the different information, related to the events, on part of its clients to design and publish the magazines. We have services of professionals to publish magazines in English and Urdu.