We do capacity building of service delivery managers, media professionals, immature, students and communication field officers

We do capacity building of service delivery managers, media professionals, immature, students and communication field officers for quality content development and effective processes. We conduct trainings based on modern techniques and engagement tools in the different fields including media, research, education, health, culture and courts. The following are the areas, which are covered by the CMTR:

  • Module Development:

CMTR is specialized in developing the modules, related to media, for students and professionals. It may be related to Conflict Journalism, Journalism and Trauma, Digital Safety, Journalism and Physical Safety, Journalistic Ethics and Journalism and Peace Journalism etc. These modules can help the understanding of students and professionals a lot about the different areas related to their field. It does not only provide them knowledge – but also help them to work better in the field.

  • Training of Trainers (TOT’s):

Training of Trainers is very helpful for the professionals and their organizations. CMTR believes that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. On one hand, it helps the professionals to learn more about the specific fields, and, on the other hand, it helps them to share this knowledge in their own circle by conducting trainings. It truly helps in the capacity building of the academia and professionals.

  • Media Content Development:

CMTR is also specialized in conducting the trainings for media professionals, amateurs and students to help them understand the development of the different media content. It may be related to the making of Documentary, Feature, News Bulletin, Soap Opera, Radio Drama and Current Affairs program.

  • Photography:

Photojournalism is the branch of Journalism mainly related to the print and online media. It helps the readers to understand the event in more meaningful way. Different pictures in news, features and articles not only add to the authenticity of the news – but it also describes the event in more fascinating way to the readers. CMTR is specialized in conducting the Photojournalism trainings to the students and professionals.

  • Research Skills:

One of the basic aims of CMTR is to promote the research culture in Pakistan. Therefore, we feel the need to promote the research skills among the students and academia. Our mission is to arrange such trainings for them, which can boost their critical thinking and inquisitiveness. We greatly feel the need for such trainings, as research culture will directly contribute to the development of the country.

  • Research Proposal/ Thesis Writing:

One of the main problems students and academia face while entering into the research world is to write the “Research Proposal”. CMTR is specialized in conducting such trainings that can help the students, academia and other professionals to write the best “Research Proposal”. Similarly, we also conduct trainings to help research students in writing thesis. We cover both the technical and professional aspects of writing.

  • Public Relations Training:

Public Relations have developed into a separate field in Journalism. Almost all the big organizations now hire the services of Public Relations Officer (PRO) to retain the good image among the clients. PRO communicates with media and clients on behalf of its organizations. He needs to posses the sound knowledge and skills to perform his duties well. The CMTR is specialized in conducting such trainings that can boost the morale and skills of PR practitioners.

  • Journalistic Trainings:

The CMTR is also specialized in conducting trainings related to Journalism. It may be about the conflict reporting, reporting natural disasters, crime reporting, court reporting, sports reporting, election reporting, digital and physical security of the journalists, journalistic safety and impunity and Journalistic ethics and responsibility etc. We have the team of specialized professionals, who can help the seasoned reporters and newbies to improve their skills to report better.

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